About us

HengHao Industrial Co.,Ltd was established in Hongkong by 2004, Office Located at Xiamen City, is a China-based professional producer of a broad range of non-ferrousmetals products, Specializing in Sputtering  target, Nanometer Material and HighPurity Metal. It is the ISO9001 certificated companywith advanced equipment and professional staff...

We have belowproducts:

1     Metal Target

Ni target, Titarget, Cr target, Al target, Zr target, Ta target, Ge target, Ag target, Autarget, Mo target, W target etc

2     Ceramic Target

  Mono Crystalline Silicon, Poly CrystallineSilicon, US target, ITO target, AZO target, Alumina target, Zinc Oxide target,Silicon Dioxide target, Zirconia target, Niobium Oxide target, Titanium Oxidetarget, Tantalum Pentoxide target etc.

3     Alloy Target

  AlSi Alloy, NiCr Alloy, TiAl Alloy, CrAlAlloy, ZnSnAlloy, NiFe Alloy, TiW Alloy, etc.

4     Vacuum Coating Material(Power &granule)

  TiO2, SnO2, MgF2, SiO2, ITO, ATO, AZO ,Aluminium wire, Tungsten wire, Tantalum Wire

5     Crystal& Wafer

Cu SingleCrystal,Al Single Crystal,Ni Single Crystal,Cu Poly Crystal,Ni Poly Crystal,TiPoly Crystal etc.

Si Wafer,GeWafer,Si-Ge Wafer,Si+SiO2 Wafer,GaAs Wafer,GaP Wafer

6     Indium Products

  Indium Powder, Indium Ingot, Indium Wire,Indium Ball, Indium Foil, Iridium Wire

7     Metal Gallium

  Gallium Metal, 99.9986%

8     Metal Germanium

Germanium Ingot,99.999%

9   Iridium Wire ,Diameter can customize(Dia0.5mm, Dia0.8mm, Dia1.0mm and so on )

10  Platinum Wire ,Diameter can customize(Dia0.5mm, Dia0.8mm, Dia1.0mm and so on )

We take"Customer First,Quality First,Service First"as the mind, wewill do our utmost to ensure quality and delivery for all our deals in thecontract, we cannot guarantee the possibility of any defect and dispute, butwhen it actually happen, we will treat it fully in accordance with generalpractice of international trade and facts, and will not escape from ourresponsibility. Of course, we have been serving our customers with: Quickresponse to every enquiry; Reasonable but competitive price; Stable quality andreliable quality control; On-time delivery and post-sale service..

You are welcome to work with us, on a mutual beneficial basis, to sharethe abundant business opportunities created by the booming Chinese economy andthe comparatively low-cost of raw material and labour. you will find yourchoice with HengHao, a right choice.