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Indium Wire

Indium Wire


Indium Wire





Melting Point:


Production Process:

Raw materials - Smelting - Casting - Extrusion – Wire Drawing – Wire winding- Inspection - Packaging

Physical Properties:

Indium wire is made of refined indium processing, which is a filament, which is specially developed for high temperature heating, mainly used in vacuum coating! Use proved that it saves more material, its use in volatile speed faster and the required temperature and heating current low, evaporation light is stronger, good composite film on the substrate, so as to achieve the best effect of metal!


Dia1.0mm,Dia1.5mm,Dia0.8mm(can do as customers’ requirement)


Vacuum Packing ,250g/roll

Delivery Times:

Sample can delivery at once, large amount please contact us directly.

Payment Terms:

100% TT in advance


By air (DHL, Fedex, UPS, SF-Express etc.)

Storage& Transportation:

Storage should be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry, clean, non corrosive atmosphere of the warehouse. moisture-proof Not to be mixed with acid and alkali products. In the transport process to prevent rain, earthquake. Be careful when loading and unloading, prevent collision and rolling, prevent mechanical damage.

Main Applications:

Application in the vacuum coating industries, aluminized mirror, surface coating of plastic products, digital products, shell plating, computers and mobile phones and the like anti radiation shielding film plating, produce a variety of alloys, special solder, coating, the production of high purity, aircraft coating lead silver bearing plating and so on.

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