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Platinum Rod

Platinum Rod


Platinum Wire





Melting Point:



Thin filament

Physical Properties:

Platinum is a transition metal, density, extension, silver color, metallic luster, hardness 44.5, relative density is 21.45. The high melting point of 1773 DEG C. Rich malleable platinum wire can be drawn into a very fine, rolled into thin platinum foil.

Chemical Properties:

Very stable chemical properties, insoluble in acid and alkali solution, no oxidation in the air.


Dia0.5mm,Dia0.8mm,Dia1.0mm(Can be customized)


Vacuum Packing

Delivery Times:

Sample can delivery at once, large amount please contact us directly.

Payment Terms:

100% TT in advance



should be sealed in a dry, cool environment, should not be long exposure to the air, to prevent the occurrence of moisture aggregation, affecting the performance and effectiveness of the use of dispersion.

Main Applications:

The jewelry industry, mainly used as decorations and crafts. In the chemical industry, the catalyst to produce advanced chemical containers, platinum crucible, electrode and accelerated the rate of a chemical reaction. Platinum iridium alloy is made of material tap water pen nib. In addition also has the following purposes: 1 platinum platinum antioxidant capacity, high melting point, so it is used for making the suit. Platinum as a catalyst, is widely used in the automobile cleaning device, to protect the environment play an important role. The 2 World War II Platinum with military applications is very important, because it is a good catalyst, high melting point. The United States government has banned the use of platinum for non military purposes. 3. Any person's skin for platinum will not have allergies, platinum can be made of electrode for electronic pulse regulator, directly into the human heart, to treat the patients with arrhythmia. 4 platinum can also be used to create a diving depth of 200 meters of waterproof watch.

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